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Flawless Auto Repair and Service

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At The Automotive Clinic your car is in the hands of highly trained, professional ASE certified technicians. We take a great pride in our repair and service work and want you to feel completely satisfied with your experience at our AAA approved auto repair shop.

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AAA Approved Auto Repair

ASE Certified Technicians



ASE Certified Experts
Air, Fuel & Oil Filters
Oil Flush & Change
Cooling Sys Check
Washer Fluid Check
Tire Pressure Check
Spark Plugs & Wires
Points, Rotors, Etc
EFI Function Test
Timing Check & Set
Diagnostic Computer

At the AUTOMOTIVE CLINIC our ASE certified technicians are trained to not only give your car a standard factory spec tune up, but also to give it a 'once over' while they are at it. A simple tightening of a hose clamp now - can avert a road disaster later.

Brake Service & RepairBRAKE SERVICE

System Diagnosis
Master Cylinders
Wheel Cylinders
Emergency Brakes
Brake Drums / Shoes
Pad Replacement
Lining Replacement
Hose Replacement
Brake Fluid Flush
Rotor Alignment

Your car's brake system is it's most important safety feature. Keeping it serviced and operating effectively is a responsibility that you can trust to the AUTOMOTIVE CLINIC. We take pride in our attention to detail where your safety is concerned.



1. Geometric Wheel Alignment: Where only the front wheels are adjusted because the rear wheels are known to be correctly aligned to the centerline of the car, (mostly for older cars).

2. Four Wheel Alignment: Where both front and rear wheels are adjustable. 80% of new car models require this type of alignment, (typical alignment)

3. Compensated Wheel Alignment: Where the rear wheels are known to be misaligned to the geometric centerline. The front wheels are adjusted parallel to the rear wheels with a centered steering box, (damaged chassis).

4. Four Wheel Steer Alignment: Where all wheels are adjustable and all wheels move when the steering wheel is turned. These cars require a special alignment rig in our shop, (like: Dodge Stealth R/T).


A/C Service Check
A/C Hose Repairs
A/C System Repairs
A/C Parts Replacement
A/C Recharging (eco-safe) Old & New Coolant Types
Temp Control Adjustments
Heater Hose Replacement
Heater Core Repairs

The AUTOMOTIVE CLINIC only uses the state approved (environmentally friendly) air conditioner recharging and coolant leak detection equipment. A clean and functional A/C system that blows cold air on the hottest summer days is a sign of a well-maintained automobile, as well as a welcome relief from the heat. Call for an appointment today:


electrical systemEntertainment Systems
Alternators Regulators
Distributors & Points
Starters & Solenoids
Spark Plugs & Wires
Batteries & Cables
Fuses & Breakers
Wire Harnesses
Fuse-able Links
Interior Lighting
Exterior Lighting

With today's cars, electrical and electronic functions are ever more important. Not only for controlling your engines spark plugs, but also for the myriad of other things that modern cars need electricity for. The electrical demands on your automobile's power are now greater than ever with: engine computers, high-powered stereo amplifiers, phone chargers, GPS displays, auxiliary lights, etc. Let the professionals at the AUTOMOTIVE CLINIC keep your electrical systems in perfect functioning condition.


exhaust systemSystem Leak Checks
Manifolds & Headers
Mufflers & Tubing
Catalytic Converters
EGR Control Valve
PVC Breather Valves
Air Pumps & Belts
Gaskets & Hangers

Your car's exhaust system not only keeps your engine running quietly, it also serves to protect the environment and provides the proper manufacturers recommended back pressure and airflow levels for the tuned performance of your specific automobile. The exhaust system is also one of the first engine parts to need repairs or replacement due to the extreme temperatures and proximity to road grime and water puddles. Make sure to have your system properly inspected by the AUTOMOTIVE CLINIC today.


bmw engineComplete Overhauls
Head Overhauls
Pistons & Rods
Piston Ring Jobs
Valves, Springs, Cams
Rocker Arms, Lifters
Engine Tune Ups
Ignition Timing
Engine Replacement
All Drive Configurations

There are OEM engine rebuilding parts kits for every single auto engine in use. Master kits include most of the commonly replaced parts for doing an overhaul such as: pistons and rings, connect rods and the main bearings, camshafts, lifters, timing chains and gears, oil pump, oil and freeze plugs, gaskets and seals.


FUEL INJECTIONAt the AUTOMOTIVE CLINIC, we understand that the purpose of your car's fuel system is to provide a mixture of fuel and air to the engine in relation to the position of the gas pedal. The air-fuel mixture must be in proportion to the RPM speed and loads the engine is under at the moment. Some major parts of the fuel system include: fuel tank, ventilation lines and fuel cap, emission controls, fuel lines, fuel pump, fuel filter, carburetors or injectors, and intake manifold as well as the fuel gauge, which indicates the amount of fuel in the tank.


RADIATORYour cars cooling system is a critical engine component. It maintains the metal engine parts operational temperature range, as well as providing heat for special part such as heated intake manifolds and heater cores that warm the passenger compartment.

Due to the high operational pressures of hot anti-freeze liquids, it is necessary to maintain proper coolant system integrity checks of the hoses and clamps as well as the radiator itself.

The AUTOMOTIVE CLINIC has the knowledge base and experience to handle all your critical engine repairs.


The AUTOMOTIVE CLINIC has the shocks, struts and suspension components for your fine car. We carry all the major brand suppliers of replacement suspension parts.



We service all foreign and domestic transmissions in any configuration, (FWD, RWD, Rear Engine, Mid Engine and Traditional Front Engine). We use only top quality parts and fluids. Warranty work is always welcome. It does not matter if your car is a 1959 T-Bird or a modern rear engine Porsche, we understand your cars transmission needs. Our highly trained specialists are standing by to make your car drive like new again.




ASE Certified

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